Tuesday: Creative “Tag You’re It”

My e-buddy Denise tagged me in this creative Blog Hop.  She said is pretty simple … just a few questions … but lemme see if she “got” me or not.  LOLOL!  :D

Alrighty, let’s get to it!


1. What am I working on?

Right now, I’m working on several projects over several different creative mediums.  I’m doing some knit colourwork, some crochet, some beading, some sewing, just started a holiday cross-stitch pattern and I’m also working on my indoor gardening.  I love photography and plan do do some Fall shooting while practicing new techniques.   Because creativity has become such a huge part of my identity, my wellness and is just plain ole enjoyable, I try to do something every day.  Even if it ends up being a bust or all I do is research some technique, pattern or creative solution, I make sure that my creative side is fed daily.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure that it does but I know it does.  Does that make sense?  LOLOL!  I make the same patterns as everyone else where knitting, crochet, sewing and cross-stitch are concerned.  But there’s something about each thing I make that’s intrinsically me even if it’s not apparent to the naked eye.  I suppose that’s what makes what I make different — the fact that I, uniquely me, made it.  As a photographer, I haven’t put in enough time and effort to find my “voice” or “style” but I’m hoping to in the upcoming months.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Honestly, I write and create to get it all out and to keep a record, an archive if you want to define it that way.  This blog was birthed after another one I had.  The first was started to document my wellness journey but turned into a sad siren song of the thing that has affected my wellness for so long.  I felt as if that’s all I ever talked about and wanted a new release, a new opportunity to show that my life other than this thing, is actually pretty good considering.  Since I type faster than I write, I figured even if no one reads my blog, I need somewhere to put all these thoughts, efforts, struggles and success I have.  Whether it’s through craft or in life.

I create the things I do simply because I just love it.  Creating takes my mind to a happy place.  I still feel insane excitement and accomplishment when I learn a new knitting or crochet technique or finish a project very well, or when I see a new plant shoot, or save a plant from dying, or take a really great shot, not by fluke but by design.  Even at my age, I do all kinds of crazy versions of the Running Man, the Humpity Dance and all manner of twerking!  :D

Creative endorphins are no joke; if you haven’t found your creative medium, you should find it and see what I’m talking about.   Trust me, you’ll thank me when you do!  The feeling never gets old.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I’m sure there’s a method to my madness somewhere in there, but I can’t even think of what my “process” is.   I know I carry my notebook and camera phone all the time.  Sometimes it’s a colour combo that someone’s wearing, a dust cover on a book, an urban mural (aka graffiti), plant life, cloud patterns, fruit stands, posters, other artisans, via meditation, you get the drift.  If it speaks to me, I either write it down or take a picture.  Whatever, wherever the inspiration comes from, it usually “tells” me where and how it wants to be represented.  As a dye colour, a knit or crochet project, a sewing project, a beading project … whatever.

For other inspiration, I peruse Ravelry ad nauseam, Instagram’s “instaknit” and “instacrochet” tags and through blog hopping.  I’ve reccently joined time sucking Pinterest (oh the crack that is Pinterest) for some additional inspiration but really, inspiration is everywhere — I just have to keep my eyes open to find it.

Where writing is concerned, I let that tell me how it wants to go too.  Sometimes, I can just sit and type forever, other times, it’s hard to find words so I start with a few key points then beef it up as I go along.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me and my creative process.  I’m tagging Tracey and Nizzy to share theirs.



And The Beat Goes On!

I think by now, anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m making a mood blanket.   Since it’s inception, I’ve made some modifications to the original plan and have been counting down the days until I can wrap myself up in this pretty.  Some days, it was quite easy to work on, but as the rounds got noticeably longer, at points I have been slogging through getting them done.  Recently, I’d been up to 10 rows behind, got up to date, fell back again and am now 4 rows behind excluding the border.  I plan to crank those out this week so I can be done the first portion of this set.  Yes, I said set.  You’ll just have to wait and see on Jan 1, 2015, (all things being well) to see what the rest of the set is.  ;)        Yesterday, while my friend was visiting, as we talked, I cranked out two more rounds!  Yay!!!  I’m not doing anymore photos of it until the set is done, so here’s the last look until the end of the year:

Mood Blanket August Update II

I think seeing the finish line and how well it’s shaping up have really renewed my energy to get this done on time rather than let it languish in my basket.   It helps also that for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup championship on Ravelry, I’m working on this as a Detention project during the Fall term.

In addition to the blanket, this week I’ve also worked on this project I frogged.  I’m almost done the beanie itself but decided to add something special to jazz it up a bit.

2014-08-24 11.35.27

 These beads will add that special finishing touch;  I can’t wait to see if the F.O. will be what I visualized in my head.

What crafty pursuits have you finished or are working on?  :D

This post is part of the Y.O.P. challenge.  See the group here on Ravelry and feel free to join in at anytime!

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