The Chapter of PTH Is ….


it’s been an intense day.

after 11 years of service, i handed in my notice today.

no, i don’t have another job but for my health and sanity, i had to leave.

after all the years of ill-treatment from my boss, true to form, she behaved as if i was stupid to leave.

actually said that I didn’t think about the situation rationally and i don’t know what’s good for me.

screaming at me, gritting her teeth, talking to clenched teeth, talking at me like i am her child, says since i don’t know what’s good for me she’s refusing my resignation.

still trying to lie to me saying the company is going to be opened until the end of the year when i already know october 31st is the end.

still wanting me to stay, give up my unused vacation time instead of paying me for it, not giving me a severance package, working me to the bone until the end and just saying “bye”.


because the company is on the verge of closing and she needs someone to transition all the HR related things, from personnel files to benefits.

waving medical insurance coverage in my face is not about me, it’s about what she needs to get from me.

I’m NEVER going to talk about this job on this blog again after this post.

it’s been painful from start to end but i’ve learned some valuable lessons about myself and others.

i just needed to record for posterity that today is the day I handed in my notice.

today is the day i start a real faith journey.

today is the day i said enough is enough.

although the 19th is my last day, i’ve pretty much left the building … TODAY!!!!

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Fit Fine Fabulous: The Numbers


  • Left bicep: 13 inches
  • Right bicep: 13 inches
  • Left thigh: 25 inches
  • Right thigh: 24.5 inches
  • Torso: 34.5 inches
  • Waist: 39 inches
  • Hips: 46 inches
  • Weight: 188lbs
  • Goals by December 31st: lose 3 inches on waist, be 10lbs down, be able to do 30 tricep dips, 40 unassisted push-ups and 50 mountain climbers in one session, complete the Couch 2 5K program
  • Tools: clean eating, interval 3 day juicing cleanse (once per month), exercise 5 days per week, weight training, and the Couch 2 5K app on my phone

The weather is cooling down.  We’re getting ready for hibernation mode.  I’m close to being done with my current job.  I don’t want to fall into a pattern of sleeping, eating, repeat while I look for another job.  So it’s time to get serious.  I typically lose inches before I start losing weight and I’m fine with that.  This time around, no scale, just a tape measure and how my clothes fit.   My biceps and thighs usually get bigger from muscle, I’m fine with that too.

With some serious life changes afoot, I’m back on the ball with consistent exercise as well.

I promise I wouldn’t leave you all for so long next time. :oops:

Who’s with me?  And what’s your plan?